6 important secrets to girls fitness

girls fitness

6 important secrets to girls fitness

The activity of girls’ fitness clubs became serious as the fever became thinner among girls. Perhaps this was comparing girls to celebrities who were lively and well-dressed for their jobs. It was then that the clubs were filled with girls and women seeking to “water” excess fat. And saw the club as a good way to reach their goal.

For many years now, the clients of these clubs are young girls and women who pursue goals beyond slimming and watering themselves with professional sportswear. They are professional athletes who are often trained to go to the gym to maintain fitness and shape their bodies. Of course, there are other groups that, despite being lean, do not think about exercising their muscles, and have become more and more committed to enjoying and enjoying the happy atmosphere of the club and forgetting the day-to-day amidst the fast-paced rhythm of club music.

Slimming or fit?

These days most women are looking to lose weight. They are pursuing this issue even in the extreme. “All women who come to the clubs want to lose weight,” says Roxana, a fitness trainer with experience. Even the ones that are not overweight and have a balance between height and weight. “Of course, I blame the widespread activity of women on social networks because most of them are constantly comparing themselves to other women.”

Doctors go on to say: “These extremes often have a psychological dimension because I myself am a trainer. Sometimes looking at a picture of an athlete woman tempts me to lean on myself, but the reality is that it must fit in well with rational thinking. We should not go overboard. “However, many women in the sport do not think of anything other than being thin to the point where they sometimes injure their bodies with heavy exercise and strict diets.”

No place for the “fat”

Although the main clients of girls’ fitness clubs have been obese girls from the past to the present day, with the widespread fitness and muscle building experience among girls, the clubs have changed dramatically. Places that used to be the only entrances to obese and overweight women are no longer included in their regular customers.

Alex is one of them. He has been a fixture in sports clubs before, for Slim: “I always think I inherited obesity. I’ve been to various clubs for years to lean on clients. But now things have changed. “Especially in the last one or two years, wherever I registered, I left the club shortly afterward and gave it a slimming endowment.”

Confidence for the club to go

Alex has lost her confidence these days to be in the club: “The reality is that the conditions of the clubs have become such that I have no confidence in meeting the women who have just come to the club. In the past when I went to the club most of the women were obese and I had no problem with them and even competed to lose weight and the motivations were higher but now I see good women every time I go to the club who are just looking to give their body more shape. “Interestingly, even devices are advanced and only benefit those who want to build muscle, and people like me who are looking for fat can only use a few limited devices.”

Alex, who nowadays thinks more about weight loss surgery, is one of the frustrations of sports clubs.

Male muscle? Never!

Aside from the strange urge of women to lose weight, other women who have reached their ideal weight are now seeking to build muscle. The same muscle-building works often and destroys their feminine form. As the bodybuilder says, this is a widespread problem among women and indeed the new generation of the club: “These days, no matter what the physical physics of their bodies are, they are shaping their bodies into masculine forms. While there are standards in the ideal feminine ergonomics and muscle building, the shape changes completely. “We never see models in a model with a feminine, masculine body, but the tendency is increasing in America.”

girls fitness
girls fitness

According to her, many women who go to the club these days have made for themselves using heavy weights, muscular and masculine legs but “I often tell them not to see yourself in the club alone. Just think of being invited to a women’s party and wanting to wear a beautiful shirt, you will find that a muscular body is by no means attractive in such a shirt. “

Anti-feminine drugs

With the rise of muscle fever, bodybuilding drugs have become popular among women. This is a method that is not even recommended by professional trainers and doctors for men. Most importantly, the effect these drugs have on female hormones.

In fact, extreme muscle building is something that would not happen naturally given the physiological structure of women unless they resort to testosterone-containing drugs and unapproved supplements by trainers and specialists. In the meantime, a group of athletic women, regardless of the diet and exercise program provided by their coaches, receive advice from spouses, brothers, or acquaintances who know nothing about the principles of bodybuilding in women. In internet advertising, men also sell sports programs for women to and from Immediately seen, there are many women who are confident that they will start taking medications that will have health implications.

According to the trainer and master of physical education, “Some men, after undergoing a period of bodybuilding in the clubs, consider themselves experts in the field and offer programs to women around them and recommend the use of unauthorized medications. They create hard muscle tissue in women. I advise all my students to stay away from men’s bodybuilding programs and forget about taking medication in general as these drugs often contain male hormones and gradually lead to female problems, infertility, and disruption of the natural hormone process. They become feminine. ”

These charming strings

In addition to changing the clientele of clubs from the past to the present, the shape and types of sports have changed a lot in the last decade. Until a few years ago, stadiums had two main fields. Fitness and bodybuilding and aerobics, but clubs such as TRX, Spinning, Zumba, and Pilates are now on the way. Although new disciplines are popular among women these days, many educators believe that these disciplines are mostly advertising-based and that their fundamentals do not differ much.

Learning the proper form of exercise, designing and adhering to a regular exercise program, staying comfortable, analyzing and analyzing the results of daily exercise and progress, diet and motivation are key to women’s fitness secrets.

Nowadays, fitness for girls and women has become a problem, and sometimes it goes even further, the main reason being that women often cannot live up to their expectations. By joining a sports club, women can easily get their bodies in shape, but they must pay attention to it.

This scientific article outlines 6 important secrets to girls’ fitness that you can easily get to know your physical body.

1. Learn the correct form of movements and adherence to fitness

According to many fitness trainers, learning to exercise fitness and making sure the movements are correct is very important. This means that you have to work properly on the way your muscles move and avoid physical injury or injury. If you do these exercises in full at the gym, you should make sure you do not do them until you are supervised. On the other hand, if you do this exercise at home, use a DVD or a guidebook, or credible sources to make sure you do it.

2. Design a program and stick to it

Design and commit to a proper exercise program. Most fitness trainers believe that setting up a workout program is very important and there is a great and effective way to do it. According to the recommendations of American sports experts, you can use a rebuttal and incentive list to adhere to these programs. Your sports rewards and penalties should both motivate you and keep you from doing fitness exercises. Women need to be mentally prepared, otherwise don’t expect the stunning mirror to make your home look more beautiful!

3. Avoid comfort

If you want to see your muscles grow, you need to go beyond the comfort of your daily routine. You should know that no major goal is possible without effort, and no unanswered effort will be ineffective. Yes, your body needs time to adapt to the growth of muscle strength, so do the fitness exercises under the coach and step by step. With time today, you will achieve your desired result.

4. Monitor your results and progress

It is very important to keep track of your growth and progress during your fitness workouts. Put your progress on paper so you can easily see if you have met your expectations. This will make it easy for you to live a healthy life and not deviate from it. You need to put all of your fitness information on the sheet, including the type of exercise, when to exercise, the level of difficulty, and the total duration of the workout. You can take photos of your progress over time, for example, in a three-month period, do fitness exercises, then compare photos of the first week to the fourth week, the fourth week to the eighth week, and so on.

5. Care about your diet

girls fitness

Even if you only go to the fitness club for fitness and leisure activities, you need to control your exercise regimen. Nutrition has a huge impact on your progress. Whatever you eat under your control, this will help you master the fitness and control your diet. There are two ways you can do it, first by designing your diet with trial and error, and second, by getting a nutritionist to help you design a proper exercise diet.

6. Be motivated

Never give up, be motivated, energized, work hard and love your body. Tell yourself you have to lose weight in a month, say, I need to help two percent of my weight. Being better than yesterday is a great success.

girls’ fitness has been one of the main pillars that are important to many men today and as a result, it makes them a social presence. Many women today care about their well-being, therefore, they are willing to incur excessive costs so that they may be able to get a Barbie physique. Costs that may end in their own injury.

Keep in mind, ladies that you don’t have to go to expensive clubs to get a good body shape, because you can only have a few good techniques in your home by learning a few techniques.

The main thing to keep in mind is that first, you need to gain your confidence in the field because if you want to continue without a plan, you are very likely to give up your bodybuilding. To get more confident you can easily look at relatives who are attractive fitness.

Yes, those who don’t break the giant horn for their fitness. So with a bit of careful planning, you can have your body in a completely unique form. Of course, this article is just for you to get acquainted with the types of bodybuilding exercises that I would recommend in the first place, make sure you plan with a specialist doctor to avoid possible side effects.

The best exercise for girls fitness

Fitness is one of the most popular sports among young people and is particularly popular. In fact, fitness is quite different from bodybuilding, and most of it comes with fitness, which actually boosts muscle strength and fitness for girls. It is also known as fitness modeling, which is one of the sub-categories of fitness.

Fitness is a series of exercises that do not require large muscles or large muscles but are suitable for those who have a compact body that is the best option for them.

Fitness difference with bodybuilding

Basically in fitness, you do not need to train with heavyweights. Weightlifting is also the easiest way to reach muscle mass. The main purpose of bodybuilding is to make the body bulky and fit it into a fit.

Fitness also burns excess fat. In bodybuilding, there is basically a period called weight training and weight gain, while in fitness there is no reason to increase weight and weight. This exercise is more attractive to women because of its elegance and is a favorite of men.

The Benefits of Fitness Exercise

  • Increased muscle strength, body fitness, and bone flexibility
  • Increased blood flow and oxygen delivery to the brain
  • Keep the ideal weight and reduce harmful fats
  • Increased blood flow to the brain and the release of endorphins, which in turn results in vitality and depression.

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