Discover Why Earthing Is a Hot New Health Trend


Discover Why Earthing Is a Hot New Health Trend

Earthing is a new hot trend that many experts approve of. Another name for earthing is grounding, and it refers to putting your body in direct contact with the earth. If you have not tried the earthing, you may want to add it to your list.

Learn more about earthing and why it’s worth trying:

1. What is earthing? Earthing means that you connect to the ground by touching the soil, preferably soil or sand. This is also supposed to help you reconnect with the planet.

  • ○ The main idea, because it directly concerns your health, is based on positive and negative charges. Earth has a negative charge and the human body tends to have a positive charge. By touching the earth, you can be grounded and reach a neutral load.
  • ○ Some people believe that a positive electric charge can lead to health problems. By using the earthing, you may be able to prevent or correct these problems.

2. What are the benefits for the health of earthing? The experts still debate the benefits of earthing of health and every person responds a little differently, but the people who do it reported several advantages:

  • ○ Inflammation reduced in the body
  • ○ Decrease in pain, stress, and time difference
  • ○ better sleep
  • ○ More energy
  • ○ Standard blood pressure
  • ○ Faster healing
  • ○ Fewer headaches
  • ○ Less muscle tension

3. Does research support earthing? Grounding is always a controversial trend, but some initial studies support it.

  • ○ A study of the alternative and complementary drug newspaper revealed that earthing could reduce blood viscosity, which is a factor of cardiovascular disease. This means that earthing can reduce the risk of cardiac disease.
  • ○ Other preliminary studies have shown sleep and inflammation improvements.
  • ○ This trend needs more research because most of the studies have been small and short-term. However, the current results are already positive and encouraging.

4. How do you practice earthing? It is easy to earth if you live near a beach, park, or another natural area. But how can you do it if you live in a big city without easy access to nature?

  • ○ If you have the chance to live near the beach, earthing simply requires you to be barefoot in the sand as often as possible. You can not wear shoes or socks because your skin needs to be in contact with the sand for better results.
  • ○ If you live near a park or a nature reserve, try to walk sometimes barefoot on the floor.
  • ○ Another option is to play in the grass in your backyard at home.
  • You can also buy earthing mats or sheets to use indoors. These are usually sold as kits and don’t require dirt or soil. They look like doormats, but they’re electrically conductive.

5. How do you stay safe? As grounding requires you to go barefoot, there are some safety tips that are important to follow:

  • Make sure the area of ​​your ground is safe and clear from debris. Pay attention to rocks, broken glass, nails, or other objects that can cause injury.
  • ○ Wash your feet after your return home, you do not follow sand or dirt through the house, and clean all the small cuts or scratches you may have engaged.
  • ○ Be particularly careful with children who want to earth because they can step on harmful things without noticing. They also tend to have softer soles on their feet that are prone to injury.

Earthing is a fun and easy tendency that you can easily and can strengthen your health. Try it and see if it makes you feel better.


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