everything that you need to know about training bands

Training bands

everything that you need to know about training bands

Resistance bands or body bands are as they are commonly used for strength training, muscle building, and exercise training. The lengths of these bands are quite varied, and some of these bands have handles on either side, depending on where you place them in your hands for upper body exercises or at the bottom of your legs for lower body exercises. However, some models of these caches lack batches.

The Benefits of Using Training Bands

Training bands
Training bands

1. These bands can be used for aerobic and Pilates exercises alike, but they are more resistant to contractions and stretching exercises.

2. Training Bands are compact and easily portable.

3. These Bands are great for combination exercises.

4. Bodybuilders are available in a variety of price ranges and can be used by anyone with any level of power and experience.

Training Bands is a good tool to increase strength, flexibility, and range of motion.

Here are three models of the most commonly used bodybuilding Bands:

Pilates bands

Because of their low strength, they were initially used in rehabilitation and physiotherapy centers, but eventually became an integral part of sports clubs because of the wide range of movements they could perform.

They are produced in lengths ranging from 2.5 to 5 meters and more, and usually have a width of 1 to 2 cm. The range of exercise that can be done with these stretchers is very diverse and its exercises are known as full-body exercises. It has a great impact on the muscles of the groin, abdomen, arms, shoulders, and chest.

Training bands
Training bands

Such bands are produced in different colors, each of which has a certain thickness and indicates the desired strength of the cache. It is worth noting that different manufacturers around the world produce these types of slides, each of which has its own standards for coloring to determine the strength of slides.

Pilates bands are nowadays popular sporting equipment used in most clubs and sports venues and are popular with athletes and are also known as CX stretchers, exercise stretchers, and bodybuilders.

Pilates bands were initially used to help patients regenerate for low-intensity therapies in physiotherapy and rehabilitation, but over time they became more of an exercise tool with the discovery of their capabilities and range of motion.

In general, Pilates bands are not restricted to specific exercise and are still used in many sports and even in rehabilitation centers. In fact, the main function of these bands is to exert pressure on the body and thus stimulate the bones.

These bands, despite their simple appearance, have capabilities that make them a useful tool for strengthening muscles, body strength, endurance, and flexibility.

Pilates bands thickness and strength

Generally, Pilates bands are designed and manufactured in various types (ring – handle – strip) from 30cm to 3m wide by 5cm to 20cm wide and have a wide range of exercise movements and stretching exercises. It encompasses almost the entire body so that it has a direct effect on strengthening the muscles of the legs, thighs, flanks, abdomen, arm, chest and shoulders.

As mentioned, pilates bands are produced in different colors, each of which has a certain thickness, indicating the thickness, strength, and strength of the band, and each color has a different thickness, strength, and pressure that Creates during exercise. Nowadays, each Pilates band manufacturing company applies its own standard in the coloration of its products to determine the thickness, strength, and strength of the band.

Handle Tube Resistance Bands

Another name for these bands is CX band. One of the features of making these bands is that they are heavier. These straps are usually hard and durable rubber, and the two sides of the strap are usually nylon or plastic and are easy to hold during training. The range of exercises that can be done with tube stretchers is very impressive as they cover both lower-body and upper-body exercises and their impact on chest, shoulder, triceps and biceps muscles and thighs are significant. These bands give you the ability to do club training with the same quality of strength in any location.

Power Band

You can easily identify these bands given their length, which is approximately 1/2 – 2 or 2 meters. If you want to do exercises that focus on the ankle and lower back, these bands are a good option to buy. These bands are also called “barfix bands” because they can help you with barfix exercises. The amount of resistance you get from these bands depends on its thickness. Thick bands are usually more resistant, and certain colors are specified to determine the strength of each band. Another use of power straps can be to help open the leg to open at 2 degrees.

Exercise and bodybuilding are one of the best ways to do strength and recovery workouts. They are easy to carry and easy to maintain. Using them you can do a variety of exercise at home, in the park, at the hotel or….

Remember that the traction level of this device varies with different models.


To do Pilates band Exercise, we recommend starting with the Strength Less Stretching band and then gradually increasing your strain while you can work with several strokes that have different positions. Use it to train different parts of the body at the same time. Typically, lower strength bands are used for arm exercises and higher thickness and strength stretchers are used to train lower body parts.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a type of mental fitness system developed by Joseph Pilates in the early twentieth century and received attention in Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Training bands
Training bands

Pilates was named in honor of Joseph Pilates for his knowledge of body control or Contrology because he believed that the origin of this method was that mind control could be used to control the muscles of the body.

Founded by Joseph Pilates in the 7th year, the Pilates Exercise System consists of exercises that focus on developing flexibility and strength in all parts of the body, without overpowering or destroying the muscles. This exercise consists of controlled movements that create physical harmony between the body and the brain and enhance the ability of the body at any age.

Like yoga, Pilates generally seeks to increase strength, flexibility, and control of the body. Pilates is based on six principles: concentration, control, mobility, defense, precision, and breathing. These 6 important Pilates principles are critical to the quality of performance and the successful outcome of this exercise. Pilates sports always place their emphasis on quality, not quantity. Unlike other sports systems, which involve too much repetition of each exercise, Pilates performs each and every exercise with precision, which allows the athlete to achieve the desired results in the shortest possible time.

Pilates bands of different thicknesses can be used to apply different pressures to the body. It is also adjusted by increasing or decreasing the elongation of the specified thickness, the amount of pressure applied. The 120cm Pilates Stretcher introduced in this section is a soft, durable plastic that comes in 5 thicknesses and 15cm widths, which will ultimately enhance your muscle strength, speed, and endurance. Pilates bands do not require a special place, not only in gymnasiums and parks but also at home.

The order of the thickeners from low to high are: Yellow – Red – Blue – Purple – Gray – Black

All over the world today, the use of resistance bands has taken precedence over sports and bodybuilding from weights, dumbbells and other heavy equipment. Because:

  •     They are much cheaper.
  •     They work without damage to the joints, tendons and other organs.
  •     Small pieces of it do the work of large bodybuilders.
  •     They are very light and portable.

It doesn’t really matter whether you’re a physiotherapist or a Pilates athlete. It is important to know that by using these Training bands, you will improve strength, speed, and endurance with the least stress on the body.


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