I have a healthy immune system.

healthy immune system

I have a healthy immune system.

I am amazed how healthy I am. I am very lucky indeed. I do everything I can to keep it like that!

I realize that my immune system is affected by my beliefs. Fortunately, I have positive beliefs surrounding my immune system.

My thoughts also affect my immune system, so I maintain positive thoughts on my health.

I recognize that the words I’m talking about can also affect my immune system. Therefore, I want to choose my words carefully.

I am also aware of my actions. I take careful health precautions that I know can keep me healthy, as an active way of life, a nutritious diet, and regular balance sheets.

I exercise regularly to strengthen my mind, my body, and my health. I choose my food very carefully. I’m looking for what foods are increasing my immune system and fill my plate with nutritious fruits, vegetables, and whole foods.

I am also blessed to get all the sleep that my body needs to maintain a healthy immune system.

I recognize the effect that stress has on the immune system. I participate every day in activities that relieve my stress, like walking, hiking, sport, bubble baths, music, dance, hobby, and much more.

Today, I take my health seriously and creates a lifestyle that supports dynamic health and a strong immune system.

Issues of self-reflection:

  1. What practices I would like to add to improve my immune system?
  2. What new research comes to help me strengthen my immune system?
  3. How can I share this information with others?

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