Is A Vegetarian Diet Good For You?

Vegetarian diet

Is A Vegetarian Diet Good For You?

Why should we eat a vegetarian diet? (Raw Vegan, Raw Vegetarian, Reasons)

Heating and cooking destroy the properties we use the word raw instead of cooking but it’s not really raw, it’s ripe Look at a ripe apple on a tree, it is cooked naturally with a stove at about 2 to 3 degrees. It is naturally cooked and we should not heat it again. The best living conditions for mankind are near the tropical forests. Vitamins are oxidized and destroyed at high temperatures and cooking to destroy Vitamin means something of vital value Notice “Vital” That is to say, without life, there is no life and no life for man, For example, vitamin C is easily eliminated by cooking.

Then what exactly do you eat?

None a vitamin-free diet that is of no use to you cooking also destroys protein Other than temperature, there are other factors that destroy vitamins Adding industrial chemicals and preservatives to factory feeds and processed feeds These can also destroy and lose all kinds of vitamins in the feed Temperature and chemicals also destroy the enzymes.

Enzymes are very important and play a key role in the digestion and alteration of substances.

For these reasons, it is important that properties are preserved in raw plants.

Raw plants are rich in life force and antioxidants and vitamins.

This new science took about five years after the industrial revolution to invoke this with the invention of a variety of laboratory equipment and supplies.

Modern science is nothing against the science of nature They have been exploring for another thousand years, just coming to our natural science And, of course, their science remains only in words But we do it practically Modern science has all kinds of plates and packages that make people sick The science of naturalism, apples grow from the tree Urban science makes for you an insurance booklet and a pharmacy Science shows nature, the garden, the sun, and the river.

Modern science suffocates you Science wants naturalism, simplicity, and instinct.

Naturalism fosters your basic needs Modern science has alienated mankind from alienation from nature and from nature Kidney Health and Treatment with Raw Vegan Vegetables.

Prevention of kidney stones with raw herbs Kidney stones have different types and sizes and shapes

From the size of a sand to the size of a walnut Animal protein increases calcium excretion due to purine, which is a factor in kidney stones Small kidney stones can be excreted in the urine, but larger stones may get stuck in the kidneys and cause severe pain or swelling of the kidneys.

Some stones can be removed with a diet plan but prevention has always been better than treatment, are you willing to have your kidney surgery?

Imagine a day like this, if you don’t care about your food and eat whatever comes next

Are you thinking of getting kidney dialysis or losing your kidneys?

Do you think the ones that fell on this day are any different to you?

The kidneys are very important members to the extent that the kidneys are in the heat of the first organ to fail.

The kidneys purify about 3 liters of blood per day, which is amazing

There may also be more problems such as kidney protein deficiency, urinary tract infection, destruction and kidney failure.

When our food is not based on our nature, all kinds of diseases appear one after the other, with a world of sorrow and pain that I wish we could improve your diet instead of all this suffering and return to your original nature, complete vegetarianism.

What are the principles of a vegetarian diet?

The first lesson is the principles of veganism for those who just want to become a vegan

Who is a vegan? What is vegan? Who is called a vegan? What are the vegan specifications? What does veganism mean?

Opposition and avoidance of killing and harassment of humans and animals

Not eating any animal foods or substances, such as meat, dairy, eggs, honey, bones, animal oils and anything from animals.

Not using leather, fur, full, silk, skin and animal products…

Opposition to animal testing and any captivity, colonization and exploitation of animals Opposition to genetic change on animals, humans and plants Opposition to the circus and animal zoo

Protect the environment and oppose the destruction of nature Demand peace and opposition to war

Natural vegetable feed Vegan and vegetarian diet.

What kind of food plan is there in veganism?

We have two types of diet Raw vegan (raw vegan), which is completely vegetarian and lacks cooking.

Raw vegan is the main detox for the body. With vegan raw, disease recovery, fitness, weight loss, and bodybuilding happen faster. The properties are pure and true in crude plants, excreting animal toxins, drugs, chemicals and contaminants, and the immune system reaches its highest level. You will experience something that you have not had before. Vegan Cooked In this program we have both raw herbs and healthy cooked herbs.

The top priority in the program is vegan, but some people also consider cooked food because of their condition or situation. This is what we will recognize. If you compare the vegan program to the vegan raw, detoxification and fitness and disease recovery are slower than raw vegan.

Tip: You absolutely what plants Eat raw or cooked, you are called a vegan because the word vegan is a keyword and it means the concept of veganism.

Those who eat absolutely raw can say: I have raw vegan food

Weight loss and weight gain with a full vegetarian?

You will lose extra weight, but it will vary slightly depending on your body type and problems.

Written after identifying the appropriate program.

Those who are overweight can also gain weight by eating a healthy diet.

Who should take a Vegetarian diet?

Anyone who wants to be healthy and have a long life should have a diet plan.

It’s not like we have to be sick or get something done. The vegan diet is a principle, the real human food. Those who want to become vegan must start with a regular schedule.

What diseases are treated with a complete vegetarian diet?

Most diseases, problems, and deficiencies are treated with a diet plan.

That’s what the modern world is unaware of, all the problems are from food.

Diseases that have already been improved, diabetes, psoriasis, liver problems, cholesterol and triglyceride, arthritis, gout, kidney problems, migraine, digestive problems, infertility, ovarian cysts, prostate, osteoporosis, dehydration and Hyperthyroidism, Allergy, Epilepsy, Anemia, High Prolactin, Warts, Lupus, Antidiarrheal, Lumbar Disk, Irritation and Stomach, Sexual Weakness, Skin Problems, Tinnitus, Acromegaly, Lung Embolism, Renal Protein Excretion, Kidney stones

Can I have a meal plan for children?

Yes, children from the age of six months can have a diet plan.

Can I have a vegetarian diet in pregnancy?

Yes, a special pregnancy program will be written. We have the best type of pregnancy without complications in veganism.

Also, the best kind of fertility will be born of a natural child that comes from the properties of nature.


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