Quiz: Can These Factors Affect Your Testosterone Levels?

Testosterone Levels

Quiz: Can These Factors Affect Your Testosterone Levels?

Testosterone is an important hormone. Lower levels of this hormone in men have been shown to limit muscle production and other health factors, while normal levels are essential for your health and vitality.

When it comes to testosterone level, there are several factors that can raise or even lower it.

How much do you know about testosterone levels?

Take this quiz about factors that can influence your testosterone level. Your job is to identify the factors that you think are true influencers of testosterone level and ones that are not. Explain your rationale.

1. Diet

Do you think that a traditional American diet rich in protein and processed foods would have a good or bad influence? Why?

2. D-Aspartic Acid

This amino acid has been very popular in the world of bodybuilding as a potent testosterone amplifier. Do you think it can have an influence toward higher testosterone?

3. Age

Many people have been told that age is a strong factor for testosterone levels. Is this true? If so, at what age do you think testosterone will start to decrease?

4. Exercise

Could exercise have a positive impact on testosterone ?

5. Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris is another popular testosterone supplement that claims to boost vitality and performance. Are these benefits true?


1. Diet is a major factor in testosterone levels. Although various diets can be more effective than others, your best bet for high testosterone is to emphasize balance and always try to avoid processed foods.

2. D-aspartic acid has been shown in some cases to be effective, but the total dosage needed to see true changes is very high and may not work with the dosage you find in traditional supplements.

3. The older you get the more testosterone will decrease. Most men will start to see a steady decrease after the age of about 35. Conversely, most men are in their prime (when it comes to testosterone levels) when they are around 18-25.

4. Exercise plays a major role in total testosterone levels – especially when you start to factor in exercise metabolism. The more you exercise – the fitter you are – the higher your testosterone levels will be.

5. Tribulus has been used for a very long time as a natural aphrodisiac, but there is no current scientific data to show that it will actually alter testosterone levels.

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