Strengthen Health by Simply Changing Which Foods You Eat First

Strengthen Health

Strengthen Health by Simply Changing Which Foods You Eat First

Did you know the order in which you eat your food during a meal can influence your well-being? Surprisingly, the foods you eat first can affect blood glucose, energy levels, and other health factors.

Who knew? There is really a good reason to eat your dessert last, and it’s not because your mother just wanted you to leave room in your stomach for the most important foods.

Set aside the dessert topic, you can strengthen your health by eating food in the main part of your meal in a certain order.

Consider this interesting study:

1. Background. A study by the New York Weill Cornell Medical College focused on the order of food.

  • ○ Researchers provide subject tests with the same food, but in a different order.
  • ○ They followed the impact of meals on their blood sugar levels. They wanted to know if the order of the food he was eaten would affect these levels.
  • ○ They tracked the impact of the meals on their blood sugar levels. They wanted to know if the order of the food as it was eaten would affect these levels.

2. Meals. The meals included bread, orange juice, chicken, salad, broccoli, and dressing.

  • ○ The food was the same throughout the study. The only difference was the order in which he was eaten.
  • ○ At each meal, each participant ate all the food on their plate, so the amount of food they consumed would be the same for each person.
  • ○ Then the researchers measured the blood glucose of each participant.

3. Results of the study. Glucose levels were lower among participants who first eaten the protein part of the meal.

  • ○ The study participants who had chicken and salad first had lower insulin and glucose measurements.
  • ○ Study participants who have eaten the bread and orange juice first had higher levels.

Using the results

Researchers hope that the study helps people understand how to organize their meals. You can start applying the results of the study at your own meals, whether you are at home, at work or a restaurant.

It’s easy to eat your food in a different order:

  • ● You simply eat protein and vegetables first.
  • ● Then finish by eating carbohydrates and fruits. Although the study used orange juice, any beverage with high sugar levels can have a similar impact on your blood sugar.

Food combinations

It is important to combine food on your plate for maximum nutrition and calories. You also want to choose food that does not raise your blood glucose at dangerous levels.

Researchers recommend the combination of protein with carbohydrates in one meal. This combination will help maintain your blood sugar levels and prevent dangerous peaks.

Choose from these options for each meal:

  • ● Include skinny proteins and healthy fat because they are important for your body.
  • ● Limit starchy vegetables as they can increase your blood glucose at higher levels.
  • ● Low carbohydrate options are also an important part of your meals.

It is important to evaluate the food on your plate before eating it. Make sure you have included various food groups, including both protein and carbohydrates, with each meal. The order in which you eat every food has a dramatic impact on your health.

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