Strengthen The Upper Chest With These Great Workouts

Upper Chest Workouts

Strengthen The Upper Chest With These Great Workouts

Unique physics is not complete without powerful breasts and shoulders. With this workouts program, you will gain strength, size, symmetry and excellent upper chest shape.


Start with general warming up first. A 2-minute rope helps you warm up your shoulders, as well as bicycles and treadmills, but you should warm your shoulders after these two movements.

Pre-workout warm-ups help your body function and prepare for workout time, and you will increase your fitness by thinking about the workout schedule. Think of how you are going to lift heavy weights and imagine that you have reached your goals.

Fatigue is one of the major concerns of bodybuilders

When you can’t tighten all parts of your chest unevenly, the bottom of your chest muscle becomes bulky but the upper part remains empty and makes your breasts appear feminine and sluggish. Genetics depends on people, but by practicing perseverance you can eliminate these weaknesses.

Keep in mind that just training cannot eliminate the weakness of your chest muscles. In order to have a nice, high-mass chest muscles, you need to significantly reduce your body fat percentage and pay special attention to your nutrition.

Your breasts are made up of two main muscle groups: 1- Major Pectoralis muscle (major means large – Pectus in Greek means chest) 2- Underlying pectoralis minor (small).

The major task of the pectoralis major is to move the humerus. These movements are divided into two categories: lifting the arm from the sides (retracting), such as moving the arms while holding the arm, lifting the arm from the front (bending), for example, when lifting a child, and rotating the arm (internal rotation). The wrestling game is done.

Pectoralis minor (minor) also has an important and important task, which is to keep the scapular bone firm.

But there is another division for the chest muscles. In this division, the thoracic muscles are divided into four sections: the upper chest muscles, the mid-chest muscles, the lower (lower) muscles, and the inner chest (chest) muscles, each with further movements. We’ll tell you that by doing them you can build more beautiful upper body muscles.

Main workouts to strengthen the upper chest

Press the chest high

Half-breaststroke is the best way to increase the volume of your upper chest muscles, starting an exercise program with high-chest pressures will allow you to engage the entire chest muscle first and pump large amounts of blood into the muscle while at the beginning. The more energy you train, the more pressure you can make.

The high chest press with the Smith machine is a great advantage over the free weights press. If you can make the move with the Smith machine

Upper Chest Workouts
Upper Chest Workouts

The possibility of lifting heavier weights without worrying about danger or disrupting the balance, as well as maintaining constant pressure on the chest muscles throughout the entire crest, is a special advantage of this method.

To perform a high-pressure press with the Smith machine, first set the bench at an angle of 2 to 3 degrees (use the upper chest bench) and place it under the bar. The higher the slope of the bench, the greater the pressure on the upper chest as well as the shoulder. Release the barrier and lower it to the chest, then lift it up without moving the trunk.

If you have been practicing chest compressions with the halter for a long time, you can go for the dumbbells and run the dumbbell presses at the beginning of your workout.

High dumbbell chest

Some great heroes will never eliminate this exercise from their workout. If you want to have a high chest, you will never achieve this without strengthening your chest. In this program, you can dumbbell chest to further strengthen your inner muscles. And run the dumbbell upper chest together as a superset.

Upper Chest Workouts
Upper Chest Workouts

Most bodybuilders know how to properly move the chest on a flat desk and chest, but sometimes because of their heavy use of movement dumbbells, it is more like pressing the chest to perform the chest movement properly, as Arnold recommends. You’re hugging a big tree. Also, try to move the elbows as far as possible and keep them flat on the shoulder.

Because you put a double strain on your chest muscles, this is how your chest moves so that you first hold the dumbbells like the normal chest that is above the chest and the hands are perfectly flat and the palms are facing each other and then move. You start from that point and bend the elbow a little when you lower it and move your hand out of the wrist to make the elbow more open and put more traction on the chest muscles. When you reach the lower part of the range of motion, the palms of your hands should be facing each other and then return the dumbbells to the starting point of movement. To increase muscle contraction, you can move the elbows from the inside to the top. Of course, you need to rotate the wrist slightly to get the elbows as close as possible.

When performing this movement you need to keep your focus completely and feel the weight and pressure throughout the movement and take full advantage of the relationship between mind and muscle.

Press the chest on the opposite hand

You must have repeatedly pressed the chest but this time you should do the reverse, as with chest presses, you should not perform this movement with very heavy weights because it is likely to injure the shoulders when performing this move. There, you can also get a little more hands-on the chest when performing this movement.

In a study in Canada, chest press increased the activity of the chest muscle by 6% more than the traditional chest press. In addition, the focus of pressure is on the inner and upper part of your chest.

cable crossover from bottom

Upper Chest Workouts
Upper Chest Workouts

Finally, the crossover movement can also be performed for the upper body muscles. Go and bend the chest. As you move your hands close together and cross over, tighten your chest muscles as much as possible.

It is not necessary to use a heavyweight to perform this movement and choose a weight that you can perform in the correct form for 1 to 2 repetitions.

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