The Best Workouts For 6 Pack Abs

workouts for 6 pack abs

The Best Workouts For 6 Pack Abs

Abdominal muscles are a group of muscles located in the middle of the body below the chest that include the right abdominal muscle, the transverse abdomen, and the oblique muscles.

ABS sports nutrition program

David Zink Zenco first introduced a diet called Exercise Diet for the first time in year 3, which allows you to achieve ideal fitness and weight without the burden of strict, restrictive diets. Within six weeks, she explained how combining exercise and proper nutrition can provide a smooth, muscular abdomen. Of course, contrary to the name of this diet (Abs actually stands for Abdominal, which means abdominal), he explains that slimming is just one part of the body. Fat reduction, along with diet and exercise, is a general rule, and all parts of the body become leaner and the body that becomes obese faster becomes equally leaner than other parts of the body.

Diet Principles Abs

workouts for 6 pack abs

There are six basic and basic guidelines in this exercise diet program.

Eat six meals a day!

Recommend on for a daily meal plan includes breakfast, a snack before lunch, lunch, an evening snack, dinner, and a small snack before bedtime.

Use a regular mixed drink

The creator of this diet recommends using a mixed drink such as milk or yogurt mixed with protein or fruit powder instead of a meal or a snack. The reason for this recommendation is not exactly clear, but researchers believe calcium in milk or yogurt can help burn fat and prevent the body from producing fat.

An exercise program to Completion this diet

For those who want to get started just starting in the first two weeks, start with a gentle endurance exercise program three times a week. For example, alternate between 3 to 5 swims and 3 to 4 times in three periods, then rest for a minute between each exercise. Increase the number of movements over the course of the week. Also, in the following days, you can also add dumbbells or small weights to your movements. Also, remember to take a quick 2-minute walk before doing these exercises.

workouts for 6 pack abs
workouts for 6 pack abs

This type of diet especially for men helps to muscle the abdominal muscles and has a smooth abdomen. As a result, it reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes and some types of cancer and thus leads to a healthier life.

Note that this exercise diet may not be suitable for people with arthritis, spinal disc, knee or other arthritis problems and heart disease, and it is advisable to consult a physician before exercising.

Strengthening and shaping the “abdominal muscles” are needed to maintain a proper “body posture” and prevent lumbar discomfort and other injuries as well as body beauty. The issue of which abdominal exercises work best for strengthening and highlighting these muscles is always of great interest and importance to athletes and the general public.

The “Abdominals” abdominal muscles, commonly referred to as “abs”, are a group of muscles located just below the chest in the middle of the body. The abdominal muscle group consists of the right abdominal muscle, the transverse abdomen, and the oblique muscles, which, of course, consist of the upper, middle and lower abdominal muscles. The upper, middle and lower abdomen begin from the middle of the thorax and reach vertically to the lower pelvis. The task of these sections is to bend the spine and assist the body in movements such as sitting and practicing crunch.

Horizontal transverse abdominal muscles were located in the deepest layer of the abdominal muscles. These muscles, drawn as a belt around the body, help compact the components and protect the internal organs.

And ultimately, the oblique abdominal muscles are the muscles that make up the middle part of the body and are divided into two smaller groups: the outer oblique and the inner oblique. External oblique muscles form the upper and outer muscles of the lumbar spine. These muscles start below the chest (below the ribs) and are responsible for twisting and bending the body to the sides. The inner oblique muscles are beneath the outer oblique muscles and they help to bend the body. Having a strong abdominal muscle is very important, and perhaps its most important impact is helping us do our daily work, plus a lot of human back pain is due to abdominal muscle weakness.

The Best Workouts For 6 Pack Abs:

Lower Abdominal Muscle Exercise:

1. under the belly 90 degrees on the ground

2. under the belly of the negative sloping table

3. Crouch on the positive inclined table

4. Drag the ball in

5. beneath the couch belly

6. Crunch with barfix to the chin

7. Crane with 90 ° foot bar

8. Full BarFix Crunch

9. Parallel belly           

10. Crunch under the reverse abdomen lying supine

11. under the Reverse Belly

12. Sleeping crawl

13. A knee-and-knee matching dumbbell

Middle & Upper Abdominal Muscle Exercises:

workouts for 6 pack abs
workouts for 6 pack abs

1. Abdomen sitting by the car

2. Abdomen with cable

3. Practicing the abdomen by rolling the barbell forward

4. Hip lift

5. Straightening the arm sitting flat

6. Half-legged belly on ball or table

7. Lying beside the ear

8. simultaneous lifting of hands and feet

9. Straightening the arm sitting

10. Long chest press meeting with a barbell

11. Long regular meeting Book

Oblique Muscle Exercises:

workouts for 6 pack abs

1. Bicycle by the ears above the rotary trunk

2. Sleeping side stretch (heel touch)

3. Side with wood or bar

4. Diagonal crunch

5. Oblique belly on the negative sloping table

6. Weight from side

7. Crouch with single foot rotary barfix

8. Sleeping sideways retractable

9. Rotate the abdomen with weights

11. The abdomen is half-toothed

12. Sleeping sideways (boat side by side)

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