Top 10 of CrossFit Workouts that you can do anywhere

CrossFit Workouts

Top 10 of CrossFit Workouts that you can do anywhere

Maybe you want to workout at home or not go to the club in a day. These cross-body movements can only be performed with barfix bars and you can build a healthy and strong body. While CrossFit workouts are well-known using a lot of equipment, you can do a lot of CrossFit workouts as quick, calorie-burning, and compact exercises in your home or hotel room. In this article, Tyler Manso of the Brick New York Club shares ten engaging CrossFit exercises you can do anywhere, so you can always do your workouts, even when you can’t get out of the house. All you need is a bar and a lot of willpower!

CrossFit has been popular in many parts of the world for many years. But what is CrossFit, and what are the benefits and disadvantages of our body? This exercise is categorized as heavy sports.

Crossfit movements usually include the following exercises:

CrossFit Workouts
CrossFit Workouts

1. Plyometric jumps

2. Weightlifting

3. Practice with Kettle Bell Weight

4. Explosive body movements

In this article, we fully explain the benefits and benefits of CrossFit for you to decide whether or not this is the right fit for you.

1. Improve physical strength

Heavy and multilateral movements in this exercise can help strengthen your muscles and endurance. In CrossFit movements, you can increase muscle mass and increase muscle mass by adding weight.

In addition, you can continuously challenge your muscles by participating in a workout of the day that adds a bit of variety to your exercise program. Essentially, “Workout of the Day” or WOD is one of the key components of the CrossFit program. Every day a new set of movements is considered. The goal is to repeat each movement as much as possible in the set time.

2. It may help with aerobic exercise

Crossfit exercises are heavy. This type of exercise can help increase the VO2 max during exercise.

But research into the short-term and long-term effects of this exercise on physiological changes and its aerobic benefits has yet to reach a definitive conclusion. Further studies are needed to better understand the aerobic benefits of cross fitness compared to other sports.

CrossFit Workouts
CrossFit Workouts

3. Agility improves balance and flexibility

Crossfit exercises often include practical exercises that simulate daily movements. These functional gestures, such as squats, Kettle Bell or weight lifting, can increase your agility, balance, and flexibility.

These movements can also reduce the risk of injury at an earlier age and improve your quality of life at an earlier age.

4. Helps burn calories and control weight

Crossfit exercises are also useful for weight loss. This exercise is one of the many calorie-burning exercises. On average, a man 3 to 5 calories per minute and a woman can burn between 1 and 2 calories per minute.

Common weight training exercises burn about 3 calories per minute in a man’s body and 5 calories per minute in a woman’s body. If your goal is CrossFit to lose weight, try a healthy diet in addition to exercising to get the best results.

Are CrossFit Motions Safe?

As we said, CrossFit is a heavy sport. Every time you increase the severity of your workouts, the likelihood of injury increases.

Some of the possible injuries to the sport include:

1. Low back pain

2. Damage to the tendon of the shoulder muscles

3. Injury to the Achilles tendon

4. Knee Injury

5. Elbow Injury (Tennis Elbow Disease)

If you have just started CrossFit, be sure to train with a professional fitness trainer to make sure you do not make the wrong moves. Wrong body posture, rushing for more advanced movements or lifting weights heavier than power can lead to injury.

Newcomers should move slowly and increase weights gradually and gradually as they progress.

CrossFit is not safe for everyone! If you are pregnant and already doing CrossFit exercise, it may not be a problem for you to continue exercising, but be sure to consult your doctor. If you are pregnant and have just started or want to start this exercise, it is best to keep your baby from giving birth.

This also applies to those who are currently injured or have other health problems. That’s why it’s important to talk to your doctor or physiotherapist before you start exercising. If you are over 2 years old, CrossFit may not be right for you, and you should consult your doctor.

Cross Fit Start

CrossFit Workouts
CrossFit Workouts

If you are interested in this sport and would like to try it out, you can search for the nearest CrossFit class to your place on the Internet. Most CrossFit classes offer freshmen a two-to-three private or semi-private coaching session. You can enroll in group classes after completing the elementary course, or continue practicing privately with your instructor.

Although it is possible for you to do the day-to-day exercise yourself after being introduced to CrossFit movements, amateurs should first practice with professional trainers. The trainer can validate your movements by observing your workouts and also familiarizing you with the equipment you need.

Crossfit exercises can be changed to make it more suitable for amateurs or those who are just starting out. However, it is best to practice with your trainer so that you feel comfortable with the exercises.

Simplifying workouts and starting with light weights will always reduce the chance of injury.

 English (V) abdominal movement

Part One: 1 Set of Body Weight Exercises ===> Normal Swimming on Earth (1 Repeat) + Abdominal Motion (1 Repeat) English (V) (Footnote 1) + Leg Pair Jump (1 Repeat). (When jumping, the legs shrink in the abdomen).

Manso: “Do this exercise with all your might and speed. Because staying will be a struggle. ”

Part Two: 1 Minute AMRAP Workout (Including Repetition of Exercises and Exercises as Possible) ===> Burpees (10 repetitions) (Fig. 1) + Barfix (1 repetition) + Lunge or Langue (1 repetition) + Long Meeting (1 repetition).

Manzo: “This exercise will be very full of damage. So be sure to warm yourself up and then take action. “

Burpees motion

Part Three: 1 Minute EMOM Exercise (Two-Step Rest – Stop) ===> this type of exercise follows a minute-by-minute pattern (EMOM). Perform the exercises mentioned at the beginning of each minute and then rest until the end of the time. Repeat this pattern five times for a total of 5 minutes.

1 minute for swimming on the ground (1 repetition) + 1 minute for the barfix (1 repetition) + 1 minute for lying down (1 repetition) + 1 minute for the long in situ (1 repetition for each foot)

Manso: “It’s a tough move to reach goals in minutes, and its fun to rest until the next move.”

Section 4: Counting from 0 to 1 and from 0 to 2 ===> This section uses an ascending / descending benchmark. You make two moves in a row. In the first set, you will have 2 burpees and 1 barfix. The next round, you will have 2 burpees and 1 barfix, and so on until the end, that is, in the last set you will do 2 burpees and 1 barfix.

Burpees: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1

Barfix 0-7-7-7-6-6-9-6-8

Try to get as much rest as possible between each round.

Part 5: 1 Set of 2 ===> 1 Round, do the following: Climbing Belly (1 Repeat) (Figure below) + Seat (1 Repeat) + Jump In (1 Repeat) + Long Motion (1 Repeat)

Manso: “Who doesn’t want his upper body and legs shaved? These movements make you sweat and your feet get hot. “

Section 6: Regular Aerobic Exercises ===> One and a half Km Running + Barfix (1 Repeat) + Ground Swimming (1 Repeat) + Instant Jump (1 Repeat) + One and a half Km Running

You can divide the repetitions between the BarFix / Swim / Jump movements into smaller parts that fit you. Many athletes skip this cycle as 4 barf + 1 swim + 1 and some others swim as 4 barf + 1 swim + 2 swim.

Professional CrossFitters do this exercise with a 5kg vest, but it’s optional (and probably discouraging for anyone just starting out).

Manso: “This is the best state of aerobic exercise.”

Part Seven: 1 Minute AMRAP Exercise (Including Repeat Exercises and Exercises as Possible) ===> During this seven minutes, do as much cycle as possible: Long Exercise (1 Repeat Per Foot) + Abdominal Climbing ( 1 repetition) + swimming on the floor (1 repetition)

Manso: “AMRAP exercises are fun and fast and successful.”

Part Eight: 1 Minute AMRAP Exercises for the Upper Body ===> In this 5 Minutes, do as much as you can: Burpees Motion (8 repetitions) + Swimming on Earth (1 Repeat) + Barfix (1 Repeat) + Pilot Abdomen Or sitting (1 repetition)

Manso: “This cycle is breaking the upper body. “

Part 9: Full-force AMRAP exercises ===> In as many minutes as you can in this 5-minute cycle: Jump In Space (1 Repeat) + Swimming on Earth (1 Repeat) + Burpee Moving With Barfix (1 Repeat)

Manso: “Look, this upward jump will greatly help your fitness. “

Last part: High Repeat Exercises with Body Weight ===> Try this cycle: Swimming on the ground (1 repetition) + Scott’s motion (1 repetition) (image below) + Burpees motion (10 repetitions) + motion Squat (1 duplicate) (image below)

Rest well enough once in a while.

Manso: “The above reps are a great aerobic exercise. “

CrossFit Exercise and its Practical Exercises

CrossFit Workouts

CrossFit has specific exercises that, according to the fundamentals of the sport, should be performed correctly. Until 5 years ago, the number of people who heard the name CrossFit was not high, let alone the number of people who participated in a variety of exercises.

But now it is one of the fastest-growing sports and many enthusiasts and fans are attracted to the challenge. There are some mistakes and dangers with the development of this field. Whether you are a skilled CrossFiter or a beginner CrossFit, you may have errors that risk-taking your own risk and slowing down.

Mistake 1: Not Founding

Just like the foundation of a building, you need to create a solid foundation before joining any heavyweight. If you want to increase your fitness level, you need to practice smarter, not harder! The slow, steady process is the best way to succeed and succeed.

If we put power at the top of the pyramid, stability and balance are at its core. ” Fitness is a lifelong process; first build your fitness foundation and then start increasing intensity, whether it’s about weight, repetition or variety of a workout. Trust this process.

Mistake 2: Sacrificing the correct form for repetition

Focusing on how you do it is just as important as getting started. When we want something, we usually do everything to get it. CrossFit is no exception, and the mistake that usually occurs on this ground is to sacrifice form for repetition.

For example, when you are going to do just one deliberate move, think of repeating it or if your chest does not touch the ground while swimming, that is, you have sacrificed the form to repeat it.

All of these neglects and distractions put you at risk of harming yourself. When you sacrifice form, you always expose yourself to any consequences. Nothing is as important as doing the right thing.

Mistake 3: Exercise too much

Many agree that CrossFit can be addictive. From overcoming personal limitations to setting personal records and competing with new friends. CrossFit always puts you in a position to seek out more. Crossfit is amazing for both the mind and the body, but balance and individual capacity must also be considered.

For some people, such as competitors, this capacity may mean two workouts a day and four or more times a week. For others, it can mean three WODs per week. Excessive exercise can cause fatigue and even damage. Recovery is as important as exercise. So keep in mind that you also need days to rest until your body is fully restored.

Mistake 4: Repeated competitions in practice

Competition is an important aspect of all sports and it is human nature to strive to keep going. Competition can be with yourself or with others. Exercise is to be trained and to be competitive. The unique thing about CrossFit is that it is “fitness for fitness”, so it can be a bit confusing and unclear, and so it’s a big risk to CrossFit.

If we do not have consistent and efficient movement patterns and stress on the volume of training and intensity of training at the same time, we have paved the way for a catastrophe. As CrossFit has a group space, there is a high likelihood of competitive space. Adjusting the process of recovery and recovery are two very important components of exercise.

Mistake 5: Not Committing to Exercises

Crossfit is a sport that needs to be honest. Athletes are responsible for their own training, and they evaluate and evaluate their own movements, meaning they have to keep track of time and repetition. Be sensitive to each exercise. Exercises are based on your self-esteem, unless you are in a competition that will be judged by an official referee.

When you set 5 repetitions for your purpose but always repeat it 5 times, you betray yourself. Or by moving the squat with the ball on the wall, you will never progress until you have to go down and record high reps for yourself. Inadequate range of movement and duplication of yourself will not only lead you to the results you want but also to the injury.

Mistake 6: Not warming up

CrossFit Workouts

Warm-up is one of the most important principles that every athlete must adhere to. Olympic athletes take more than an hour to warm up and do 2 meters in 2 seconds. If the muscles are warm, they will work properly, but if they are cold, they will not function properly and there is a risk of injury.

So make sure you stretch your joints properly and are prepared for the range of motion required in each exercise. This will not only increase blood flow to the muscles and be ready to function to their maximum potential, but also adapt to the neurological patterns of movement.

Mistake 7: Ignoring Mobility and Flexibility

When it comes to CrossFit reasons, weight loss and muscle building are usually at the forefront, and unfortunately, flexibility and mobility are not even included in the first four. But we need to know that when it comes to long-term performance and public health, mobility is essential.

Greater flexibility, with the increase in range of motion, will give you a good cross-fit and allow you to recover better and faster and prevent injury.

Mistake 8: Insomnia

Sleep is as important as nutrition and exercise. If you don’t have seven to eight hours of sleep a night, it’s like pouring sugar in your gas tank! This means you will shut down your body. Lack of sleep over time with minor damages will eventually weaken your performance.

Not having enough sleep increases the production of cortisol and causes your body to accumulate fat. So don’t be your own worst enemy and don’t waste a lot of time in the box. A good night’s sleep lets you be the best you can be. Remember, results are not seen in practice but in recovery.

Mistake 9: Ignoring proper nutrition after WOD

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is delaying glycogen re-training after exercise. After a severe WOD, your body loses its glycogen stores and needs to be replaced for better performance and recovery.

That is, in less than an hour after training, refuel your body with protein and carbohydrates to make the recovery process better and more efficient.

“Carbohydrates are necessary but time-consuming, meaning there is an anabolic window for carbohydrate intake to build muscle,” says Jan DE Benedetto, an Olympic weightlifter, biochemist, and sports nutrition coach. This time interval, or the anabolic window, usually starts from the end of the workout until 5 minutes afterward.

A study at the University of Texas shows that the combination of protein and carbohydrates is both anabolic and anti-catabolic in a ratio of one to one to four. Anabolic is a muscle builder and anti-catabolic, preventing and reducing muscle breakdown.

Last word

CrossFit Workouts

Crossfit exercise is more useful for slimming, increasing physical strength, agility, and flexibility but may not be for everyone.

If you have a particular health problem or have been previously injured, be sure to consult your physician before starting this exercise and start practicing with a professional trainer. We recommend that you do not go over the internet with CrossFit training videos from the beginning; these are the trainers who can help you reduce the risk of injury.

Part One: 1 Set of Body Weight Exercises ===> Normal Swimming on Earth (1 Repeat) + Abdominal Motion (1 Repeat) English (V) (Footnote 1) + Leg Pair Jump (1 Repeat). (When jumping, the legs shrink in the abdomen).

Manso: “Do this exercise with all your might and speed. Because staying will be a struggle. “

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