The 4-Step Guide to common cold treatment

common cold treatment

The 4-Step Guide to common cold treatment

The common cold is called that for a reason. It’s so easy to catch a cold and it’s an annoyance to millions of people around the world! You go to bed feeling fine, and you have the sniffles by the next morning.

Unfortunately, it’s more difficult to get rid of the common cold than it is to catch it. But that’s only if you don’t have the secret to recovering from it quickly. This four step guide shows you the easiest, most foolproof way to recover from a cold. You may not get results overnight, but you’ll certainly feel better sooner.

Follow these steps to Quickly Common cold Treatment:

1. Clear your sinuses. The most annoying part of the common cold is sinus blockage. Blocked sinuses can make you feel extremely uncomfortable. The first step to recovering from the common cold is to clear your sinuses.

  • Drinking warm fluids helps to clear your sinus passages of any mucus blockages. When the mucus starts to flow freely, you’ll start to feel instant relief.
  • A neti pot can also help with freeing up the sinuses. The process known as nasal irrigation allows warm water to be poured up one nostril. It’s then expelled from the other, along with the mucus.
  • Over-the-counter nasal sprays are another effective remedy. Within a few minutes after spraying, you can expect to feel relief.

2. Boost your vitamin C intake. Products containing vitamin C can lessen the duration of a cold. The minute you start feeling cold symptoms, try to load up on whatever vitamin C sources you can find.

  • Citrus is a known source of vitamin C. Drink a glass of orange juice or grapefruit juice when you get out of bed.
common cold treatment
common cold treatment
  • Your local pharmacy carries effervescent vitamin C tabs. Just drop one into a glass of water and drink quickly. That gives you just the right vitamin C boost!
  • Be cautious when using vitamin C. Excess vitamin C can cause other unpleasant symptoms, such as diarrhea, headache, nausea, and vomiting. You definitely don’t want those while having a cold!

3. Keep your body hydrated. All parts of your body need to stay hydrated when you have a cold. This ranges from your nose to your throat, and even your skin. There’s no such thing as too much fluid when you’re afflicted with a cold.

  • Keep a humidifier running so your nasal passages stay moist. Remember cold viruses like the air dry! A humidifier restores the air to a state that’s suitable for inhalation.
common cold treatment
common cold treatment
  • Drinking fluids, especially hot tea, helps to soothe your throat. Pour a little honey into the cup to sweeten it. You’ll get additional soothing that way.

4. Get some rest. This is one of the most important steps. In order to heal from a cold, your body needs rest. And the more rest you get, the sooner your symptoms dissipate.

Try to get 7-8 hours of sleep each night. You’ll feel more energetic even with the cold symptoms looming.

Avoid stress and overexertion while you have a cold. Lessen your workload at the office. Also, try not to lift heavy objects or do housework. Eliminate other pressures from your life. Aggravating your body causes you to feel more drained. This is because your body is using all of its resources to fight off the virus.

The common cold can be pesky and irritating! It’s unlikely that you can eliminate the symptoms overnight. However, you can definitely shorten the duration. Use this guide to experience some relief sooner than you expect.


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